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Cardinal Burke Addresses Marriage at Steubenville

8 Sep

Given that so many progressives and others seem to think I fail to grasp properly the concept of what marriage is because they chose to define it differently than the Catholic Church always has. Given that I found the recent Motu Proprio on Annulments to be alarming on many levels, and given that my understanding of what the sacrament of marriage entails and “is” in it’s fullness is something I am unwilling to compromise or redefine in the name of false mercy, dialogue, or pastoral practice, I invite you to hear it explained in great detail by Cardinal Burke with a follow up discussion at Stubenville University held today. (*Note that these discussions were about the Relatio and Instrumentum Laboris of the Synod in progress and it must be assumed a coincidence that that the long planned discussion was held on the date of the released of the Motu Proprios. No questions were taken about the Motu Proprios directly, though the ideals therein were part of the relation and Instrumentum Laboris.)

I have to tell you up front, I found this video edifying and uplifting. I realize that others will feel convicted when they see it – but the only real charity lies in truth. I hope you enjoy it with an open heart, and share it that it might open minds. I hope you all find it educational.

The celestial battle for the very souls of men is raging around you – choose wisely.

Pax Christi

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