7 Jul

Adrift in a mad world
Seduced by demons and the pleasure of every imaginable sin,
I am reduced to nothing.
I am but a tender sapling,
Easily blown by the passing winds
Uprooted and trampled into dust.
Alone I cannot stand.
Without you I am but a desolation,
Empty and dry
As dead leaves blowing along across scorched asphalt,
Or parched earth, cracked and hardened where nothing may grow.
Pour your life and strength into me, my Lord.
In You is my only hope.
I thirst for You.
I hunger for Your strength.
I need Your perfect wisdom and just counsel.
Your Precious Blood is water to my burning soul.
Consume me completely in the fires of Your love.
Do with me whatever You will;
Make me entirely Your own.
Only grant me the strength to endure Your just chastisements,
The resolve to offer my life as penance,
And grace to remain in obedience to You.
Grant me the courage to defend your tenets;
Arm and strengthen me for the battle.
And keep me always broken and humble before You
That I may be faithful to the end.

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