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If you love me, Obey my commandments.

1 Nov


“If you love me, obey my commandments” – these are the words of Jesus. There is a plural specified in commandments. It seems to me that there is a great deal of talk of love, and of how love makes all of the commandments of God obsolete. It is just not true in this day and age, anymore than it was in the past 2000 years.

The first problem is that we do not understand love in the way it is intended – in this case paternal love as a father has for a child. A father can be angry at a child and still love him, a father may rebuke a child and still love him, a father may even punish a child out of love for that child. The very important concepts have been lost, especially by the progressive crowd which has infiltrated even the deepest recesses of the vatican.

The second problem is ours (that of traditionally minded Catholics). We are cowed into silence by cowardice when we refuse to peak unpopular but necessary truth. We are bludgeoned by “love”, without bothering to retort that love by its nature implies correction as part of it’s mandate – as the job of the church is to save souls, not to coddle the sinful and wicked that they may continue in their ways with the blessing of their clergy.

The third problem is more complex. While many of our clergy have been men of amazing courage and grace, they seem to shrink in number each year and grow in ferocity. I am deeply blessed to know such priests. It is up to YOU as parishioners to provide the supportive environment for your priests to preach the truth without fear of sanction from the parishioners. It is up to YOU to let the priest know that you want meat and not milk in the homilies – as we are not infants or children. It is up to you to be active in your respectful communications with your priests and bishops when they preach heresy to their flocks.

The fourth problem seems the most insurmountable. We must accept that we must change hearts and minds, before we can change society. To this end we must each stand firmly as examples of living our faith and not shirk no matter what ridicule and evil actions are foisted upon us to silence us. If you are a woman in a traditional marriage you must evangelize to other women the benefits of traditional marriage, if you are a man in a traditional marriage – you too must explain to your peers why sacramental marriage and monogamy are so much more fulfilling than the hook-up and throw away culture. We must help our priests establish support groups in parishes to teach men to be husbands and fathers in sacramental marriage – and the same goes for women, we need support groups established to teach them to be wives and mothers. They must be sex differentiated in order to facilitate free communication, and mentors must be assigned to each person to help them along what is sure to be a rocky path at the outset. The programs must be free of progressive idealism and focus on the traditional roles and values. Each graduate of the program must then “pay it forward” by working as a mentor themselves.

The goal here is not to change the world all at once, as it did not arrive here all at once. We must work on changing one heart at a time, and then another. If everyone pays it forward, there will be a tidal wave of change that washes over the world.

Pax Christi,

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