Remembering Jack – Essay

12 Sep

This is an essay on the loss of a child, it plumbs the depth of the sorrow and then soars to the clarity of living life in honor of that memory. Brutally honest, the authors strength and grace shine through her devastation. I think there is something we can all learn from her experience about how to approach life in general.
I hope you enjoy reading it ,
– Colin

Our Family's Updates and Photos

When I had friends over in late August, I noticed I was a little off.  Anxious and unsteady.  No appetite.  They came over for ice cream sundaes.  I had been spending a significant amount of time deep cleaning and this social gathering was supposed to be a nice break between scrubbing down the baseboard and steam cleaning the carpets.  After two cups of tension tamer tea, a bowl of ice cream, and no relief, it was very clear that I was not myself.  I figured the anxiety was a result of some difficulties we had faced as a family earlier this year and perhaps the stress was still lingering in the background somewhere and I hadn’t noticed.  Did I need to be on medication or something?  My husband had to remind me “that time” was coming up.  It was closing in on September and I had completely forgotten.  Losing your…

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