Sorry, you and your kids are not welcome at Adoration.

30 Jun

I don’t always reblog things – but when I do, it’s worth paying attention.
This represents the endgame of our culture of death which has invaded the church. “Let the children come unto me”, says Christ. Person supposedly imitating christ says, “they’re a distraction and make them go away”. Go away they do from the church, and never come back. You have your quiet chapel. It gets more quiet each year. Until, thanks to running off all the children, Jesus is left on the altar. Veiled, and alone in silence. I’m sure everyone is very proud of this accomplishment. Read more here:

Listening in the Desert

For the past month i have been trying something new with my 4 year old. In the mornings after dropping my 7 year old at school, me, Annabel -4, and baby Angelica – 9 months, go across the road to the church to pray.

We take rosaries and mantillas and books and other interesting things to look at while we are there. I make Annabel take her shoes off when we go into the church because bare feet are quieter. She knows she has to whisper because Gods house is a special quiet place where we all come to pray. Angelica is an easy baby who is not walking and is usually very quiet apart from letting out the occasional loud “Ba!” which happens to be her best sound at the moment. We blow kisses to the picture of Therese of Lisieux as we walk past. We watched her film…

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3 Responses to “Sorry, you and your kids are not welcome at Adoration.”

  1. SR July 1, 2014 at 4:36 pm #

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Makes me want to. . . , well never mind I will leave that thought there. What is so wrong with people that we cannot tolerate children anywhere in the Church anymore???? I have seen more faces made in Mass over crying babies then I ever see over cell phones going off!!!!!! Which drives me up the walls!!!! Or someone sitting there text-messaging, who should know better!!!!

    Either we support life or we do not. If we do, then we support crying babies, wiggly kids, unhappy kids at times, and all else that goes along with it.

    God Bless, SR


  2. netmilsmom July 23, 2014 at 2:39 pm #

    Tolerance goes both ways.
    Was the lady who complained sick? Had she just lost her husband, gotten a cancer diagnosis or abandoned by her kids?
    This is something that should be discussed. Either, give it up for the Poor Souls and keep your child from dancing or work out a time when neither of you will be bothered by each other.
    Apparently, the woman is annoyed by the little girl. The mom thinks she is darling, but not every one does. There are is are deadly sins involved here. Pride and selfishness are on both sides of this debate.


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