How Americans have Failed the Church – and our Children

19 Apr


You know, I keep hearing people arguing about the Church losing a whole generation because it was focused on moral issues out of tune with society and not focused on serving as the public demanded, and ignoring their lesser sins to keep people interested.

Crap – Total crap. When we lose young people it is because we have failed to instill proper moral and ethical values through religious education. When we waffle on issues of doctrine and faith, how can we expect them to hold firm? When we embrace with open arms and acceptance that which is antithetical to our faith and tell them it is good and must be accepted outside the Church, but inside the Church say something else – our faith loses both credibility and moral authority. We are losing because we do not follow our own faith except on Easter and Christmas. Our children do not go to church because we do not. They do not share Catholic Values when their parents and peers do not. They divorce because they came from broken homes and that’s what their parents did – you can fool yourself but the statistics are clear that children of broken homes are far more likely to end up divorced. If you don’t have an annulment don’t remarry. All of these kids rejecting the Church means more than a few Parents are failing to instill not just the values, but display an open example of faith for their children. When we don’t properly Cathechize our children we make them easy pickings for those who would talk them out of their faith with lies and misconceptions. When we ignore our faith – they see it. When we place God first in all things they see that too. America must accept that God has not failed us, nor has the Church failed us – WE FAILED THEM. Stop passing the blame to others, address the issue penitently and start LIVING OUR FAITH IN OUR DAILY LIVES!

Pax Christi,


2 Responses to “How Americans have Failed the Church – and our Children”

  1. Christian May 21, 2014 at 4:47 pm #

    Yes. I’ve been teaching 6th grade catechism for years. The pretty words don’t count for much without personal witness.

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    • Colin Corcoran May 21, 2014 at 6:43 pm #

      Agreed. Unfortunately pretty words are all most seem willing to offer, and all too often we hold back on those for fear of offending – e.g. the child of divorced and remarried parents who might go home and cause problems by asking the adulterous couple uncomfortable questions. The parent who tells the child that Jesus would want them to play in the big game rather than attend Sunday mass. Rather than hit a vigil Saturday evening. I was hoping to drive home that it is our actions more than our platitudes that guide our children.

      Bless you for teaching Catechism. Please feel free to use anything in my blog you like in your classes if you find something you feel appropriate. Many at least contain my personal witness. It is a great blessing and responsibility to guide children in the faith. I’ll keep you in my prayers! and thank you for reading 🙂



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