What are You Doing for Lent?

6 Mar

This is my wife’s maiden blog, her first voyage into putting fingers to keyboard to express her thoughts on life and Catholicism – Given that it is Lent – Her first post is a MUST READ 🙂


An Ordinary Catholic Life


What are You Doing for Lent?

This question gets asked a lot among Catholics this time of year.  It is something worth putting some thought and prayer into.  Lent is a time to draw ourselves closer to the Lord.  We use it as a season of penance and repentance to prepare ourselves for the joy of celebrating Easter, Christ’s triumph over death, anew. This is the pinnacle of the Christian life, our holiest day, the very reason for our faith, and we cannot fully enter into this joy of resurrection if our souls are not properly prepared. There is a long list of ideas about how to handle this, but there really isn’t a one right way so long as we at least obediently keep the Church’s minimum prescribed penances.  They are simple enough:  fast and abstinence from meat on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, and abstinence from meat on…

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