This High Price of Artificial Birth Control

18 Dec


Let me ask you a question, and let’s be honest with the answer. Is it worth risking the life of your wife or even paramour (if not married) to artificially prevent contraception?

Think on that. We’ll get back to it.

The Catholic Church has made it’s ban on artificial contraception as infallible doctrine. It is not subject to change or revision. Many people are angered by this, but what they really should be angered by is the number of women dying of breast cancer because of the hormone based contraceptives, the number of women having strokes because of the hormone based contraceptives, the number of heart attacks women suffer from hormone based contraceptives, among other things. These are not just happening to older women.

I know, now you want to tell me how much safer newer contraceptives are – like say Nuvaring?

I was hoping you’d go there. Before you muddle on any further in your thoughts – you need to read this article in Vanity Fair magazine (Don’t worry there are lots more out there from other media outlets).

Now that you’re finished reading, I want you to honestly answer the initial question about whether or not the ability to make free with your wife, like she was made of rubber and inflatable, without fearing conception is worth putting her at such risk? You see somebody needs to explain to me the kind of love and/or marriage that allows for one person’s wants or needs to overpower the health and welfare of the person they supposedly love. I’ve already written about my own struggle with the Church teaching on NFP – it’s a popular read and if you’re not already familiar it’s here. Do your own research on the side effects of the pill, nuvaring, hormone infused IUD’s, and recoil in horror as I did. Forget the Pink Ribbons and “Save the TATA’s” slogans – if you want to protect your wife from such horrors, get rid of those hormone laced pills, shots, and devices. There are fantastic benefits to doing so it you do – for you as well as her.

Sex, Intimacy, and NFP

I would like to think, that with a little common sense and some gentle introspection most rational people can stop rationalizing what they personally want long enough to see the truth. Artificial Birth Control HARMS and  KILLS WOMEN. It also lowers libido and can cause weight gain and depression, among other non-lethal side effects, which is often treated with more dangerous hormones and just leaves your sex life in a downward spiral. Is this something you would subject a woman you love with all your heart to, just so that you can have sex with her on command and avoid conception?

If you just answered “Yes” then you don’t understand what love really is.

If you just answered “No” then I would ask you – What are you going to do about it?

Yours in Christ,


5 Responses to “This High Price of Artificial Birth Control”

  1. Rob December 22, 2013 at 1:51 pm #

    Not a artificial birth control is hormonal. There barrier methods and also surgical methods. Please don’t say that all birth control kills.


    • cc70458 December 22, 2013 at 5:45 pm #

      The barrier methods damage women too – They may not give them cancer – but non-hormonal IUDs can cause horrific problems including permanent infertility, latex allergies can leave women hating sex without realizing what is making the so uncomfortable, and allergies to nonoxynol-9 cause problems for others (a universal Condom Lubricant and spermicide I am allergic to myself).
      But the real damage is not what they do to the body, but what they do to the heart, and the marital relationship. This is one I struggled with very hard personally, and I was very defensive about it too. I think you might better understand if you read my personal experience and how/why I came to terms with this teaching of the Church. I wish somebody had helped me see the light sooner – we cannot make up for lost time.

      Bless You,


    • cc70458 December 22, 2013 at 5:46 pm #

      PS: Rob my article was focused on the hormonal methods and called them out specifically in this case. They are the most prevalent form in use within catholic marriages.



  2. roseannetsullivan January 19, 2016 at 10:15 pm #

    Barrier methods mean that the couple does not come in contact with each other and lessen the intimacy. Spermicides are sperm poisons. I didn’t like having either barriers or poisons inside me.

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