Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

5 Jan

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt – these are the primary weapons we wield against ourselves. Having been hurt before we build walls to keep people from getting too close. This keeps you from getting hurt. These emotions stop you from loving and being loved, and while they do limit the amount you could possibly suffer, they also limit the depth of the joy you can feel.

Just for a day open yourself up a bit, then keep going – you cannot love a woman if you don’t trust her with your heart. The truth is, you can’t really feel loved back either unless you do. As long as we leave these walls up we remain separate. You cannot truly bond without exposing the hearts to be bonded. And once bonded, you cannot be separated without serious damage. However, the joy and contentment that you can share once bonded at the heart knows no boundaries in this life or the next.

Don’t shove her away because of your insecurity. Pull her closer for comfort and pray that The Lord watch over and protect your union, so that you might serve as an example to others of what is possible. In a world as dark as ours, even a single candle can give off a blinding light to help everyone find their way. Once you experience true love, you will find yourself unable to pry yourself away from it – and more importantly, you will never want to.

Consider that if you cannot love your own wife, how can you ever love God? What is lost to you when you fail to love is far more terrifying than any potential harm that may come to you from opening yourself up to her.

I sincerely pray that I might touch just one person’s heart, change one life, one marriage for the better. Because I know both how insignificant we are in this universe so vast that our small brains cannot comprehend its breadth and girth, and I also know how important each of us is to He that created us. He very literally sustains our immortal existence through his love alone. So important is love that If God should ever cease to love us, we would cease to exist. The same is true of our marriage if we should ever cease to love – it will cease to be as well.

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