Try it, you might like it

4 Jan

Do something nice for your wife. Something thoughtful and unexpected which is designed to simply bring a smile to her lips and make her feel important, loved, and appreciated.

Now the hard part– do it without any expectation of recompense. Doing something because you can and it will brighten someone else’s day is a lost treasure in our society, which teaches us that the only things worth doing are those which benefit you in some way.

Random acts of kindness are their own reward. The reward is knowing that you have emulated Christ in some small way and feeling the love of God descend upon you. No earthly remuneration even comes close to that feeling. Scarier still is that the size of the feeling does not correspond to the act itself, but with the love with which it was done.

What confuses me is how so many can undertake this task for a perfect stranger but be unable to do the same for their spouse.

Take a moment out today and do something nice for her, something unexpected, and clear your mind of expectations. It does not need to be big — just done with great love. Smaller things are also more conducive to eliminating expectations of remuneration in any form. Some ideas to get you started:

1. Do a household chore you know she isn’t looking forward to

2. Bring her breakfast in bed (and leave the kitchen clean in the process)

3. Take her to a movie she wants to see

4. Pick her up for a surprise lunch together

5. Pitch in without being asked at whatever needs doing and smile about it

It will cost you little to nothing, and just might set an example worth emulation for your entire household. As the husband your actions, mood, and demeanor reflect the home. Make your actions loving, you mood peaceful and happy, and your demeanor kind.

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